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Global Grants & Scholarships

2023 Alumni Global Grants and Alumni Global Scholarships have been awarded. Look for our 2024 applications in February, 2024!

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Alumni Global Grant

The IRIS Alumni Global Grant is available to past participants of any IRIS program. The grants are provided to enable alumni to contribute to the social, economic, and civic development of their countries. The IRIS Alumni Global Grant is intended to give alumni the opportunity to initiate projects of their own design in their home countries, including:

  • Community service projects

  • Projects to promote civic participation

  • Professional development activities for community residents

  • Projects to support and promote the skills gained through the IRIS program in which the alumni participated


Please note that these grants are not intended to fund purchases of computer equipment, alumni salaries, and political activities working for or against a specific candidate or party.

Global Citizen Scholarship

The IRIS Global Citizen Scholarship is intended to assist IRIS alumni in continuing their educational pursuits by offering scholarships to attend training workshops or pursue other educational endeavors in their own country.


Scholarships are open to any IRIS program alumni and are not limited to any program, program year or age range. Applicants must have returned to their home country, and the educational opportunity must occur in their home country. Applicants are limited to one application per year. Scholarships of $200 – $2,000 per alum, per year, will be based on current community involvement, the benefit to the applicant, the benefit to their community and country, supplemental sources of funding, and financial need. Application requests can be made for continuing years of education, but continued funding will be dependent on the successful completion of each educational term. A separate application must be made for each term.


It is our hope that IRIS alumni will always feel a connection to IRIS and Iowa, and will strive to expand their knowledge through continued educational efforts and community-oriented services long after they have completed our formal programs.

Quick Facts


Recipients of IRIS Alumni Global Scholarships from Bulgaria, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kosovo, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, and Ukraine.


Alumni projects completed thanks to IRIS Global Grants, improving communities and helping citizens in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Georgia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Serbia, Tajikistan, Tanzania, and Ukraine.

Nearly $210,000

Total awards through the IRIS Global Grants and Scholarships since 2014!


Help us raise another $20,000 in 2024!

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