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YES Students in Art

Where do you find your inspiration? What does it turn into? For two of our YES students, their inspiration comes from people and experiences in their lives, and it turns into beautiful artwork.

Sila, a YES student from Indonesia, and Hooria, our YES student from Pakistan, are both young artists with an eye for creativity. Both girls have projects hanging in their schools’ halls, an honor only a few accomplish.

Sila currently has two projects being displayed, a three-color shape piece and a doodle drawing. She will soon have a third piece, a four-square self-portrait, on display as well.

Sila’s doodle drawing of four corners coming together.
Sila’s tri-color shape drawing.

When talking about art, Sila said creating it has always been an interest of hers. She mentioned that while no one inspires her directly, she gains confidence in her work through her family.

“I have been interested in art since I knew how to hold a pencil,” Sila said. “My parents and all the people around me really support anything that I do, including art.”

Since she arrived in the United States, Sila noticed the people here take a lot more interest in her drawings than when she was back home.

“While I was in Indonesia, nobody appreciated my drawing,” Sila said. “But here in the United States, I feel like everyone appreciates my drawings.”

Sila’s art class begins its next project, using wire to create three-dimensional objects, in the next couple weeks.

Hooria’s projects currently on display include a doodle drawing and a crafted bowl filled with intricate paper flowers.

Growing up, Hooria saw art everywhere she looked. She drew inspiration from all around her, and also began looking up artists from other countries.

“I have seen art my whole life; it’s like I’ve been interested in art forever,” Hooria said. “I don’t know too much about the history of art, but every artist globally inspires me, including my art teacher.”

Hooria’s doodle drawing, with symbols of her life.

Hooria’s class begins their final projects soon, and Hooria hopes to have her final project put on display as well. She believes inspiration can come from anywhere, if you are looking for it.

A hand crafted bowl and paper flowers.

“Art is what makes us. Art is present everywhere from our bed sheets to our pack of toothpaste, from our car models to a company’s logo,” Hooria said. “Art always inspires me. It is not just a word for me; it is a feeling.”

We are extremely proud of these young women for continuing to do what they love while abroad. Sila and Hooria, we can’t wait to see the rest of your projects!

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