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Mohamed’s American Football Season

Mohamed got a taste of one of America’s favorite past times during the first half of his exchange year: football. Mohamed from Egypt played as a cornerback this past season at Nevada High School. A cornerback is a member of the defensive team in American football. We asked Mohamed a couple of questions about his experience and this is what he had to say:

What was a typical American football practice like?

A typical day at practice was actually difficult and would last 3 hours. Our practice was very hard because we had a goal to be the best team in Iowa. Everyday once we finished school, we would go to our workout to start with warming up. We first started with the kick-off and kick return sequence. After that we would get a short break to get a drink and then we’d come back to start with the skill players and linebackers. During this part of practice, the skill players would do things like practice catching the ball. Lastly, we would all come back and the junior varsity team would play against seniors. On Thursdays, we would have a meal together after practice and talk about the Friday game.

How does American football compared to any other sports you have played before?

It is very different because in my country we play soccer. We also have Free-Fight and MMA which are aggressive sports but I have never played aggressive sports that include a ball. This was the first time that I played a game like soccer but American football depends on tackling and hitting people as well.

What was your first game like to play?

My first game was the best game because I was able to play for the first time. To wear my pads and go onto the field made me very afraid of making any mistakes. Since I was a cornerback, if I made any mistakes it would give the other team a chance to make a touchdown. But it was the best game because during the first play I was in, I made a good tackle and I stopped the opposing team member so I was very happy.

What was your last game like to play?

The last game I played during the kick-off sequences, but I ended up falling on my hand so I had an injury. Even though the doctor wasn’t there, one of my friends was able to help me and I was able to go back in the game. For the rest of the game I played defense and we won during the last 5 minutes of the game. I liked playing this season so much.

What is your favorite memory from playing American football?

My favorite memory of the season was my first game and my first tackle. Once I completed the tackle, all of my friends started to cheer my name and I was very proud. I may not have played a lot of American football, but it was really the best experience to take from my exchange so far because it is a very big part of American culture.

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