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Happy Father’s Day from IRIS!

Father’s Day is a holiday celebrated across the world honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds. For Youth Exchange and Study students, host parent bonds have some of the biggest impacts on their exchange year. Here’s what some of our 2017-2018 IRIS alumni had to share about lessons they’ve learned from their fathers on both sides of the world.


From my host dad, I learned everything is possible and that if I put time and effort into what I do I am able to do anything. My home dad taught me family is love, and nothing gives more love than what a family gives.


I learned from my host dad to never give up. Everybody learns through pains, so try new things and don’t be scared. From my home dad, I learned to be happy with what I have and to always try and share happiness with others who need it.


My host dad always told me, “If it was easy, everybody would do it.” Similarly, my home dad told me, “If you believe in your abilities, you can do whatever you set your mind to.”


My dads taught me a lot about focusing on my goals and working hard to achieve them. My host dad taught me to always feel confident in my work because it helps to keep moving forward. My home dad never let me underestimate myself and stop me from reaching my goals.


My host dad taught me many valuable lessons, but the one that stuck out most was to always be my same self. He said never change for others or it’ll destroy your natural innocence.


I learned from my host dad that it is okay to be wrong in a conversation as long as you see other people’s points. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are wrong but it means you have different points of view.


From my host dad, I learned to follow my dreams, work hard, and always give all I have. From my home dad, I learned to never give up, keep trying and focus on my goals.


I learned from my host dad that it takes hard work to achieve your dreams. I learned from my home dad that Sab’r, or patience, is the most significant thing a person can ever have.


My host dad taught me the value of hard work, and even helped me find different volunteer projects and volunteered with me. My home dad teaches me a lot about problem solving and mentality. He says, “Don’t let things get smarter than you.”


My host dad always said, “Stay positive no matter what because impossible things do happen.” That message stuck with me most. My home dad taught me to always be the one who initiates good and to be helpful towards everyone.

Happy Father’s Day to dads everywhere!

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