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About World Learning Participant Training Program


Iowa Resource for International Service’s World Learning Participant Training Program help facilitate international understanding, development, and peace with adults worldwide.


Since IRIS was founded, we have hosted nearly 450 World Learning Participant Training Program participants from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Serbia.


World Learning Participant Training Program cover a diverse range of topics and themes focusing on public diplomacy and professional training and development for entrepreneurs, local government officials, legal professionals, and non-governmental organization leaders, and other professionals.

A sample of IRIS’s World Learning Participant Training programs include:

Demonstrating Democracy

Strengthening Community Journalism

Justice & Journalism

Citizen Dialogue to Promote Social Responsibility

Alternative Energy Technologies

Tolerance, Community Relations, and Minority Rights

Young Women Leaders

Implementing Conflict of Interest Laws

Volunteering with World Learning Participant Training Program

My organization is interested in sharing our knowledge with World Learning Participant Training Program

Depending on the type of program, IRIS will coordinate opportunities for  Community Connections participants to visit two to three organizations, businesses, government entities, or non-profits each day during the three weeks they spend in Iowa.


Allowing IRIS to tour, visit, and learn from professionals across Iowa will give each participant a chance to ask questions, clarify cultural differences, and find solutions to the issues they face in their home countries.

While Community Connections participants are in Iowa, they live with volunteer short term host families across the state.


Short term host families welcome one or two of these adult participants into their homes for a few days to a couple of weeks. IRIS provides transportation during the work week. Host families need only provide morning and evening meals, a comfortable place to sleep, and evening and weekend rest and activities. Hosting Community Connections participants is also a way to learn about another culture and the roles of professionals from another country.

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